Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

We have a new volunteer recruitment campaign to encourage those in employment to volunteer.

This campaign is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and is aimed at getting more people who are working and have key skills to volunteer and help support organisations to build their capacity.

So how can you get involved? 


I have key skills and I am interested in volunteering

I have employees with key skills who may want to volunteer

I am looking for volunteers with key skills to support our organisation


Not sure where to start? Then have a look at our case studies of people volunteering already to inspire you!

Case Studies 


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 Meet Claire - A Volunteer

A successful Operations Director for regional charity Encompass Southwest, Claire also finds time to volunteer for the charity, Everything Ellie. Her role focuses around policy, procedure, infrastructure and fundraising, meaning Claire has been able to transfer the knowledge from her day job to help set up the charity. What can you offer?






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Meet Tim - A Volunteer

Tim's hectic lifestyle includes being a project manager for Devon Access To Services, a part time professional photographer and minibus driver assessor. Despite this, he still finds the time to volunteer assessing prospective leadership volunteers for the National Trust Working Holidays programme. What can you offer?






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Meet Jocelyn - A Volunteer

She's busily running a media company with her husband. But Jocelyn also works alongside Westward Ho! Youth Theatre and North Devon Hospice, managing the effectiveness of their websites and social media platforms. Jocelyn uses her knowledge and expertise to give something back to the community. What can you offer?







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 Meet Sonya - A Volunteer

Currently working as a Support Coordinator for the Stroke Association, Sonya’s passion is to support people in leading healthier lives which has led her to set up Barnstaple park run as a volunteer. She also finds the time to be a Dementia Friends Champion and supports Barum girls at Barnstaple Rugby Club as well as other local events! What can you offer?






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 Meet Jo - A Volunteer

Jo is the Development Officer for North Devon Voluntary Services and spends the rest of her time looking after her little boy. Jo still finds the time to support Fringe Theatrefest, a four-day festival event in Barnstaple, where she volunteers as part of a team to make the venues safe, functional and raise the profile of the event.  What can you offer?






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 Meet Rachel - A Volunteer

Rachel is not only the Finance Manager for North Devon Voluntary Services, she’s also volunteered at the World Indoor Athletics in Birmingham amongst other projects, such as transforming the garden at the Institute of Conductive Education from wilderness to a play area. Rachels commitment not only benefits others but she feels rewarded by giving back to the community. What can you offer?







Download the campaign posters 'Small Steps, Read Change' here

Download the campaign posters 'Get, Set, Volunteer' here.

Download the campaign posters 'Spring into Action' here.

Download the campaign posters 'New Year, New You' available here.