Information and Guidance

Welcome to our practical information and guidance pages. Each heading leads you to an information sheet covering key points on the topic as well as links to other useful websites and agencies that can provide specialist advice and support. There are two versions, a quick guides that gives an overview of the full version and can be printed out and put on your notice board and the full guides goes into more detail and gives more guidance on the subject.
Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) has trained professional development workers who can provide support on all aspects of setting up and running a group. You can Contact Us here.
If you're not sure where to start or want to review your organisation, why not try filling in our Organisational Health Check. It is a self assessment tool to assist you in identifying what areas a Development Worker could help with you with.  
Setting up a Voluntary or Community Group
This information sheet looks at some of the basic but important considerations when thinking of starting a voluntary or community group. Download either the Quick Starting a Group Guide or the Full Starting a Group Guide here.  
Get Legal
Our information sheet gives you an overview of legal structures and the types of organisation that are appropriate for a voluntary group to adopt, with links to other sources of information and guidance. Download either the Quick Legal Guide or the Full Legal Guide here.
Involving people in your Organisation
Most voluntary and community groups rely on recruiting and retaining good volunteers to be successful. This information sheet covers what volunteers need to know, policies for managing volunteers and guidance on minimising problems that can arise. Download either the Quick Involving People Guide or the Full Involving People Guide here.
To accompany the Guides to Involving People in your Organisation, there is a seperate information guide on Developing a Volunteer Handbook which includes important potential items to include in your groups handbook specifically for your volunteers. Download the Developing a Volunteer Handbook template here. 
Developing a Plan
Plans are important for establishing what you want to achieve and keeping on track. There are different types of planning covered in this information sheet. Download either the Quick Planning Guide or the Full Planning Guide here.
Policies Your Organisation Should Have
There are policies all groups must have and those that should be in place; in addition there are policies which it would be good practice to adopt. Download either the Quick Policies Guide or the Full Policies Guide here.
Income Generation and Managing Your Money
An overview of different types of income including the benefits and pitfalls that you should be aware of. Also there is a brief planning guide provided for those managing the finances of an organisation. Download either the Quick Income Guide or the Full Income Guide here.
Demonstrating the Difference You Make
Highlights some of the basic principles around measuring and demonstrating impact and signposts you to further information. Download either the Quick Monitoring Guide or Full Monitoring Guide here.
Have a look also at a monitoring and evaluation triangle diagram that suggests key questions that need to be asked. Download the Monitoring and Evaluation Triangle here.  
*Coming soon* Communication
Explores some of the more common types of communication, shares best practice and can help your organisation to communicate more effectively. Download either the Quick Communication Guide or the Full Communication Guide here.