Involving Volunteers in your Organisation

Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) is in contact with over 4,000 organisations which rely on volunteers to deliver services across Devon. If you are an organisation looking for volunteers or already involving volunteers we can support you in recruiting and managing them regardless of the services you provide or your location in Devon. 


Volunteer Connect Devon

Example imageVolunteer Connect Devon is our dedicated on-line volunteer recruitment system for volunteer roles in Devon with a firm focus on local roles. If you involve volunteers in your organisation you can connect with volunteers across Devon. 

It is easy and quick to use enabling you to advertise your volunteer roles, manage and track volunteers who've registered interest. You can also login and proactively search our volunteer bank for volunteers who meet your requirements. 

If you are not already advertising roles with us, its a free service and you can sign up and get started online.

To get started or manage your organisation's profile click here

Here is the best bit:

Once you have registered your own access to your organisation's profile and to the details of your roles, you are in control. You can amend, delete or add details whenever you wish, ensuring that your record is always accurate and up-to-date. You will receive an automatic notification whenever a volunteer is interested in your role/s, with that person's name. Then you need to go to your Volunteer Connect profile to view the profile and message them.

If you have not already registered your own access, you will find that the process is very easy and straight-forward; just follow the prompts on the website, choosing (and remembering!) your own password to protect your profile. If you have any problems with registering e-mail

In the section on your organisation:

  1. please ensure that your contact details are correct
  2. that you have entered your organisation's main purpose or mission statement
  3. you have ticked your relevant client group
  4. you have ticked the geographical area/s in which you operate
  5. you have ticked all the appropriate interests that your organisation covers

When adding or amending a role, please ensure that:

  1. the description of the role in the short description box is, in fact, short, pithy and interesting (you will realise if the description is too long in this box as the computer will stop typing after the limit of 500 characters or letters is reached)
  2. the contact name and details are correct for that role
  3. include an e-mail address for the role
  4. the address and postcode of the role is correct. Postcode is needed for volunteers to find your role
  5. you have highlighted all the skills required
  6. you have ticked any age restrictions
  7. you have highlighted all the relevant activities covered in the role

All this is important and for a good reason - to make it easy for a potential volunteer to find your role!
If you wish to view the details of an interested volunteer please go to that specific role and there you will find suitable volunteer names and the names of volunteers who have registered an interest in the role. Click on their name to view the profile and to message them. We are unable to give volunteer details out directly.

The boxes that are asterisked must be ticked in order for the role to be approved; these points are there to protect you as a volunteer-involving organisation as well as the volunteer.

We look forward to supporting you through Volunteer Connect!

If you have any questions about Volunteer Connect Devon system, logging in or registering please Contact Us

For more information on Volunteer Connect Devon and what is means for you and your organisation you can download our quick guide for organisations here

Devon Voluntary Action and its partners look forward to supporting you and your organisations volunteer needs.


Volunteer Policy

A Volunteer Policy is the foundation on which your organisation’s involvement of volunteers should be based. Most organisations view the policy as a statement of intent, with the day-to-day nuts and bolts covered in separate policies or in a volunteer handbook.

The Volunteer Policy should outline what the organisation does and why it involves volunteers in its work, and should set out the principles that encourage volunteer involvement.

Here are some examples of volunteering principles that you could include in your Volunteer Policy. Contact Us for further examples of volunteering policies. 

  • We will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to our work.
  • We will not introduce volunteers to replace paid staff.
  • We will ensure that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers, and where appropriate will actively seek to involve them in their work.
  • We recognise that volunteers require satisfying roles and personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet those needs, as well as providing training for them to do their activity effectively.

In our series of Information Sheets, we have two available to download specifically looking at volunteers: 

  • Involving People in your Organisation and
  • Developing a Volunteer Handbook

These are available on our Information and Guidance page.