Devon Joint Strategic Needs Assessment area profiles released

New area profiles for communities in Devon have been released as part of the Devon Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).
The aim of the JSNA is to collaboratively identify current and future health and wellbeing needs to inform future service planning and delivery. The JSNA underpins the work of the Devon Health and Wellbeing Board.  These profiles contain a range of health, care and wellbeing related data for specific communities and areas within Devon, and provide a detailed overview of current need and service activity at a local level, including local, regional and national comparisons and trends over time.
Contents include population structure, deprivation, children and young people, educational attainment, benefit claimant levels, fuel poverty, estimates of health-related behaviour and mental ill health, usage of health services, life expectancy and social care. They can also be viewed as Local Authority Areas, Towns, and Electoral Divisions.
Further to this a deprivation report has been completed which compares the indicators in the JSNA profiles according to levels of deprivation locally, revealing the impact of deprivation on health and wellbeing, and highlighting how these patterns are changing over time.


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