Organisations wanted for Community Payback Placements

The South West and Wales Community Rehabilitation Companies would like you to consider how your organisation might benefit from and help deliver a range of Community Payback activities across Devon.


This represents a unique opportunity to work within an ever expanding Restorative Justice agenda whilst enhancing a range of outcomes for the service user, local communities and wider political and social agendas.


So what does this mean in practice?


Essentially, they are looking for organisations to offer Community Payback placements. Community Payback is first and foremost a punishment, depriving offenders of free time and should be seen by the public to be a credible punishment which provides positive reparation to the community.


Local Community Payback Managers will support your organisation to act as placement organisations for individuals for up to 12 months and between 40 and 300 hours.


The Community Payback Managers will provide all aspects of risk mapping and support for the individual and placement organisation to ensure a good fit and successful outcome.


This opportunity will allow you to work with disenfranchised socially excluded and historically hard to reach service user groups to not only make positive reparation, but to link directly into employment training and education outcomes as a priority.


It will also enable you to demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively and effectively within the justice and health agendas whilst also promoting localism.


If you would like to find out more please contact Vikki Russell, Community Payback Coordinator on 01392 473984.

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