Fundraising Regulator Launches Fundraising Preference Service

To mark it’s first year, the Fundraising Regulator launched the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) on 6 July 2017.

The new service will enable individuals to block direct marketing communications from named charities and is available both online and by phone. It can also be used by individuals on behalf of a friend or relative.

The FPS will be managed by the Fundraising Regulator who will be responsible for contacting charities on behalf of the user and requesting that the selected methods of communication are stopped. The FPS is a key part of the Fundraising Regulator’s remit to restore public trust and confidence in the sector by ensuring that individuals can easily stop direct marketing communications from a charity. Individuals have a legal right under the Data Protection Act to prevent processing for direct marketing purposes and organisations have a legal duty to comply with such a request within a reasonable period.

Organisations can find out more about the new FPS at:

To register as an individual to request a halt in communications visit:
The FPS also has a dedicated Freephone number to call on 0300 3033 517 .

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