New Charity Governance Code—Essential reading for all trustees

 The Charity Governance Code is now in its 12th year and third edition and is supported and endorsed by the Charity Commission.

The Code is a practical tool to help charities and their trustees develop high standards of governance. Good governance needs to be a the heart of a charity and is fundamental to their success. The code should be used for continuous improvement and be revisited by trustees to reflect on the principles.

The seven principles of the code are universal and apply equally to all charities regardless of size or scope of activities. They build on the assumption that a charity is meeting its legal and regulatory responsibilities as a foundation.

However there are different versions of the recommended practice to reflect and address some differences between larger or more complex charities.

They suggest charities will a typical income of over £1 million a year, and whose accounts are externally audited, use the larger version and all other charities use the smaller version.

Charities adopting the code are encouraged to publish this in their annual report and on their website.

The bottom line is good governance is no longer a nice addition but needs to be the norm.

If you think you need support on any aspect of your organisations governance please Contact Us to see how we can help.


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