Government's Analytical Volunteer Programme Open

Do you have a project that could benefit from analytical expertise? Want access to those skills for free?
The Government’s Analytical Volunteer Programme arranges short placements (up to five days) for professional analysts from across government to provide free analytical support to voluntary sector organisations. Last year’s scheme successfully provided over 60 analysts to third sector organisations.

What could an analyst do for you?

  • Help design, conduct and/or analyse a survey.
  • Analyse existing data to improve understanding of your services/ beneficiaries/volunteers.
  • Provide advice on collecting information to better carry out your activities.
  • Improve the handling of large datasets through recommending how data can be recorded, stored and used more efficiently.
  • Identify existing and available data about a particular topic and show how your organisation can interpret and utilise this information.
  • Cost benefit analysis of current or potential future projects/decisions.
  • Measure the impact of, and/or carry out a value for money assessment on, a project or programme.
  • Wider economic forecasting and analysis to inform investment decisions.

Applications are open until Friday 27 October 2017.

For more information including case studies from last year’s scheme visit:
Or contact with any queries

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