Do you have a Devon Hero volunteering for you?


We are looking for some Devon Hero’s to be part of a new exciting volunteer recruitment campaign.

The campaign is aimed at getting more people who are employed with key skills to volunteer and help support organisations to build their capacity.


We are looking for people who are volunteering now to form some case studies as part of the campaign. Do you have any volunteers or Trustees currently supporting your organisation in the following areas?:

  • IT, Technology and Websites
  • Finance and Accountancy
  • HR
  • Social Media
  • Business Management
  • Marketing, PR and Media


If so would they be willing to be part of the campaign? This would involve being a case study which includes their photo and story on how they support your organisation but also includes the benefit to them as an individual.

If this sounds like one of your volunteers or Trustees please email to get involved.


If you are looking for volunteers with any of these skills make sure you have registered the volunteer opportunity on Volunteer Connect Devon, our dedicated online volunteer recruitment system. This is whether the campaign will be directing potential new volunteers to.

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