Carers Rights Day 24th November 2017

In run up to Carers Rights Day on Friday 24th November Devon County Council and NEW Devon CCG have '6 things you need to know as a carer'. 

  1. You’re not alone – nationally there’s about 6.5 million people caring for other people. In Devon alone (without Torbay and Plymouth) that’s likely to be about 90,000.
  2. It’s not said enough, but what you are doing is important and valuable, and we want you to feel supported.
  3. There’s a wide range of information and support available for carers in Devon. The first step is realising that you’re a carer and contacting Devon Carers Helpline Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm 03456 434 435. Leave a message outside these hours or if its busy.
  4. If you are working, you have rights to recognition as a carer at work, including the right to request flexible working and to protection from discrimination. Carers UK has great information about rights at work or the advice line 0808 808 7777 Monday and Tuesday 10.00- 4.00 pm.
  5. It’s really important you are able to look after your own health, and the Care Act 2014 means you can have someone to talk to, advice and other kinds of support so you can be as well as possible, care safely, have a break if you need it, and be a person in your own right – contacting Devon Carers is the first step to finding out what there is that can help you in your own circumstances.
  6. You’re really not alone. Yes, we’ve said it twice, but that’s because it’s really important. So often carers feel alone and isolated, their caring as a responsibility on their shoulders alone. That’s understandable, but it’s unfair on yourself to assume that responsibility alone. And help is available.

There are also a number of events being held next week across the county to promote the rights of carers. 




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