Consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice February 2018

This consultation is the first that the Fundraising Regulator will be running in 2018. They anticipate a busy year of engagement with the charitable fundraising sector and the public at large.

As always, they welcome the views of all those who use or are affected by changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice.  They are committed to continued engagement through consultation to check our assumptions and inform any changes they make to fundraising standards and practice.

Parts A and B deal with specific issues in the current wording or inclusion of rules within Code of Fundraising Practice that have been raised by stakeholders or identified following their regulatory work over the last 18 months since their launch.

Part C concerning online fundraising platforms, introduces a new rules to the code where the existing rules do not cover adequately a popular and growing fundraising method.

  • Part A – Complaints Handling – Responses by 28th February 2018
  • Part B – TPS compliance auditing– Responses by 28th February 2018
  • Part C – Online Fundraising Platforms– Responses by 14th March 2018



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