The Creative Innovation & Growth Grants Fund (CIAG)

The aims of the grants programme are threefold:

  • To stimulate ‘edge of care’ outreach and prevention activities by: promoting and supporting independence; connecting people to their communities; keeping people healthier for longer; and thereby reducing the need for statutory intervention.
  • To increase sufficiency in the ASC sector across Devon by supporting the market (including personal, residential and unregulated care) to: grow; develop; and diversify, as appropriate.
  • To encourage innovation; take-up of new technology; new delivery models; and partnership developments.

It is envisaged that a grants scheme will not only act as a catalyst for businesses to take up support and improve quality, but will also result in new and innovative ways of working, an increase in sufficiency in the market, and an increase in independence for the beneficiaries of the services supported by the grants fund.


  • Revenue Grants to support providers to implement innovative ways of diversifying and preventing clients from needing to be cared for e.g. day services.
  •  Capital Grants for providers, particularly social enterprises, to undertake capital works which will enable them to take on board new innovations and technology where this will grow / diversify the business or allow them to undertake additional preventative / outreach activities.

It is suggested that revenue grants are between £5k and £40k and that capital or mixed capital and revenue grants are between £20k and £80k.

The emphasis is therefore on developing new services, increasing sufficiency, developing new products and new innovative ways of working rather than simply re-purposing or renovating office space.

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