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Devon Voluntary Action Staff

Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) has three dedicated members of staff who work on behalf of the partnership. Clare Humphreys is the Volunteering Support Coordinator, Tom Rosenbloom is the Data Coordinator and Sarah McHardy has two roles as Communication Coordinator and Training Coordinator.


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Volunteering Support Coordinator, Clare Humphreys


As Volunteer Support Coordinator,  Clare has responsibility for promoting best practice to organisations involving volunteers and maximising volunteering activities within commuities.

Clare also delivers opportunities for Volunteer Managers within organisations to network, work in partnership and to share good practice. 





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Communication Coordinator and Training Coordinator, Sarah McHardy


Sarah is the Communication Coordinator and is responsible for compiling and publishing the DeVA newsletters, electronic bulletins and updating the website.

She also takes on the Training Coordinator role and develops the DeVA Learning Opportunities Programme which focuses on building capabilities and skills. To see the latest range of learning opportunities click here