Commissioning and Procurement

With the government increasingly funding the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises through contracts, it is right that senior officers and trustees/directors in the sector should understand the basics of the commissioning and procurement process and give thought to whether bidding for contracts is the right next step for their organisation.

We have devised a toolkit jointly with Devon County Council which is designed to give voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises a brief overview of the basics of commissioning and procurement to assist in understanding and preparing to bid for contracts with public bodies.

Devon County Council is committed to helping the sector compete equally with other organisations for contracts the Council lets.

Download a copy of the toolkit here


The information in this Toolkit is correct at time of publication in January 2016. As regulations and guidance on commissioning and procuring services is under constant review, the reader is advised always to seek the most up to date information when considering whether to bid for a contract.

Please note this is only a general overview as processes will vary, so it is important to check all the details when entering into a tendering process.