Our Business Development Strategy

DeVA’s core purpose is to build vibrant and healthy communities across Devon.

We do this by supporting voluntary and community groups in a wide range of ways specific to individual organisational needs. Despite continued pressures on funding and rising demand for our services, DeVA is proud that we and Our Partners continue to deliver high quality support. 

By working together as DeVA; we have maintained (and enhanced) our services through more efficient use of resources, but there is more we can do. In particular, DeVA enables collaboration between CVS organisations to ensure consistency and excellence in the support we all provide for the sector. This means we can be big and small at the same time; offering the advantages of scale through joint working and the advantages of local knowledge and reach through Our Partners

We have therefore; developed a new Business Development Strategy for 2014-2017. It has been produced to ensure we secure a sustainable future for the invaluable support we provide to you, the voluntary sector, thus allowing you to continue to make the biggest possible impact on your local communities.

Strategic Aims

The Business Development Strategy has the following strategic aims: 

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A. Secure continued core funding to enable us to work for the benefit of VCS groups and organisations in Devon

DeVA provides the ideal vehicle for efficient, effective and coordinated county-wide support services. Securing continued core funding is, therefore, an essential element of our strategy. By doing so we will ensure you, VCS groups and organisations across Devon, get the help and support you need. Working together through DeVA, we will ensure that local CVS organisations are able to maintain, develop and enhance these services through joint working and shared practice.



B. Diversify our income to work with partners to address unmet needs in Devon communities.


Example imageRecognising that grant funding for VCS infrastructure support services is scarce (and declining) we will develop a new approach to infrastructure support by working in partnership with frontline VCS groups and organisations. We will develop projects with those partners that address unmet needs in their communities (with a particular focus on county-wide issues) and work together to secure funding to deliver those projects from a wide range of sources. Our role in delivery will be to support the frontline VCS partners e.g. through capacity building, coordination, project management, training, volunteer brokerage and evaluation.

We also need to be realistic that with declining public sector subsidies for VCS infrastructure support, we need to explore the introduction of fees and charges for some of our services, that are not supported by grant funding. We will do this cautiously and in a coordinated way to minimise impact on the sector.


C. Explore alternative and innovative sources of core funding over the medium term.

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As a longer-term aim, we will explore alternative, less traditional forms of funding for VCS infrastructure services, to help ensure we maintain and enhance service levels as grant funding becomes even scarcer. In particular we will explore the possibility of funding from the corporate/ business sector and opportunities for local social enterprise. Our first step will be to develop stronger, more purposeful relationships with the business communities in Devon to explore areas of mutual interest and benefit (e.g. volunteer brokerage, sponsorship, in-kind support or cash funding).



D. Identify and implement further efficiency savings.

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We will continue to undertake regular reviews of the way we and Our Partners deliver services and manage our core functions to identify, develop and implement measure to increase efficiency (i.e. to deliver more with the same resources or the same with reduced resources). This could include developing more shared/centralised activities and services or joint purchasing of goods and services to achieve lower unit rates. This we will help ensure that the maximum possible resources are focussed on delivering support to you, VCS organisations and groups in Devon.


For more information on our Business Development Strategy 2014-2017, please Contact Us.