Voluntary Voice


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One of the ways in which the voice of our sector is heard is through the Voluntary Voice programme. Voluntary Voice is the process through which representatives from organisations obtain their mandate to speak on behalf of the sector on various strategic partnerships. Voluntary Voice elections are run every two years, with the last election in 2015.  

Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) co-ordinates communications between representatives and the wider sector. If you would like to receive communications relating to any of the strategic partnerships Contact Us.
After attending any meetings on behalf of the sector, representatives prepare reports. These are sent to the various communities of interest and issues arising are summarised and communicated to appropriate policy and strategic decision makers.

Strategic Partnerships with mandated voluntary sector representatives

There are currently seven strategic partnerships with mandated sector representatives. We will be looking for a range of Voluntary Voice Stakeholders in January 2016 to who have a specific interest in and experience of a particular area and who can be available to attend meetings at short notice and on an ad hoc basis. Voluntary Voice Stakeholders will be required to report back to the sector using the voluntary voice processes and when it is possible to collect views from the sector before a meeting if time allows. Reimbursement for Voluntary Voice Stakeholders is available.

Devon Strategic Partnership (DSP)
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The DSP is a Local Strategic Partnership whose focus is on delivering real improvements to the issues that matter the most to the people of Devon. A representative from VCS is invited to attend when there are relevant items on the agenda; whilst they are not a permanent member of the board, in practice they are invited to each meeting (three times a year). For more information on Devon Strategic Partnership click here.

  • Lead Representative: Diana Crump, Living Options Devon
  • Deputy Representative: Debbie Avery, Westbank

Safer Devon Partnership

 Example imageThe Safer Devon Partnership aims to enable the people of Devon to feel and be safe, in their home and in their communities. Partners include all four of the Community Safety Partnerships in the County, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Public Health, Police and Crime Commissioner, Probation Service and the Youth Offending Service. Together we are stronger. For more information on the partnership click here

  • Lead Representative: Greg Davis, Devon Communities Together
  • Deputy Representative: Natalie Coen, Teignmouth Surf Life Saving Club


Devon Children Young People and Families Alliance Executive Group

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Devon County Council has established a Children’s Alliance to provide partnership leadership and governance for the improvement of outcomes of all children and young people in Devon.

The Executive Group will provide a more formalised structure to the wider Children’s Alliance by providing the strategic response to priorities raised through the Alliance. The main purpose will be to monitor implementation of the Children and Young Peoples Plan and relevant commissioning strategies, oversee joint funding, make best use of collective resources and determine sub-group arrangements. The Executive Group will need to meet at least every three months.

For more information on the Devon Children Young People and Families Alliance Executive Group click here.

  • Lead Representative: Mark Goodman, VOYC
  • Lead Representative: Natalie Coen, Teignmouth Surf Life Saving Club
  • Deputy Representative: currently vacant

Provider Engagement Network (PEN) 

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Devon County Council and the two Clinical Commissioning Groups, are committed to engaging and working collaboratively with all of Devon’s Health and Social Care Market. The aim is to work together to find creative solutions to old problems, to develop working partnerships and a solution focussed approach to problem solving.

The Provider Engagement Network is a vehicle through which Devon County Council (Adult Community Services) communicates with and consults providers, from both the private and voluntary & community sectors. Details can be found on the PEN website here.

Elected PEN Co-Chairs represent their sector at the County Strategic Planning Group twice a year and support engagement with the wider network around specific pieces of work that are current at any given time. The County Strategic Planning Group discusses a range of strategic issues around commissioning, procurement, quality, regulation and workforce.

  • Lead Representative: Debbie Avery, Westbank
  • Deputy Representative: Mike Page, Pre-school Learning Alliance

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Steering and Development Group

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the current and future health and care needs of local populations to inform and guide the planning and commissioning (buying) of health, well-being and social care services within a local authority area.

The JSNA Steering and Development Group will oversee the production and development of Devon’s joint strategic needs assessment and its supporting documents and that is developed in line with national requirements to inform the commissioning process.

For more information on the JSNA click here

  • Lead Representative: Nora Corkey, Devon Communities Together
  • Deputy Representative: Mike Page, Pre-school Learning Alliance

 Example imageDevon Local Nature Partnership

The Devon Local Nature Partnership will provide a strong, championing voice for the county’s unique and hugely important natural environment. It will embed the value of the high quality natural environment into decision-making processes and improve co-ordination of delivery across Devon, in order to secure and enhance the intrinsic value of Devon’s natural environment and its associated links with the cultural environment; while brokering the optimum economic, social and health benefits that the natural environment can provide for everyone visiting, living or working in Devon.

The Board meets four times a year. For more information on the Devon Local Nature Partnership click here.

  • Lead Representative: Lyn Winter, North Devon Voluntary Services
  • Deputy Representative: Vacant


Devon Safeguarding Children Board

Example imageChildren in Devon are best safeguarded when key agencies work together effectively. Devon Safeguarding Children Board is designed to help ensure that this happens.

The core membership of Safeguarding Children Boards is set out in the Children Act 2004 and includes representatives from local authorities, health, police, education and others including the voluntary sector. The objective of the Board is to coordinate and ensure the effectiveness of their member agencies in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children living in Devon.

For more information on the Devon Safeguarding Children Board click here

  • Lead Representative: Mark Goodman, VOYC
  • Deputy Representative: Matt Bell, Exeter Community Initiatives


Latest Reports and Updates are available here.